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Blind Cord Safety

Fleetmore Blinds cares for the safety of our children. As a family business, we too have precious children,
nephews, nieces and grandchildren therefore we need to protect and be vigilant.
In recent times, it has been reported that toddlers and children have been seriously hurt or a death has
occurred due to the strangulation of cords hanging on window furnishings.
Some suggestions to prevent these accidents are simple:

  • Do not put cots or beds near window cords
  • Make cords at a length where children cannot reach

To help prevent these issues, a simple phone call to our office to arrange for our technicians to inspect
and install safety cleats on all the window furnishings in your home is available.
No price is worth the heartache of our precious children being hurt or losing them.

Effective from 1st January 2015, a new services standard will be enforced by the ACCC requiring
installers to attach a label to products when they are installed. This label must contain the name and
contact of the person or company responsible for its installation. Also, any warning label or swing tab
supplied with the corded internal window covering must not be removed. We have already implemented
this procedure well in advance of the regulation.