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Fleetmore Blinds - Blind Cleaning & Blind Repairs Sydney
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Fleetmore Blinds offers two services for the convenience of our customer
& to cater for the various methods required to clean & maintain all types
of blinds; from aluminium venetians to delicate material of pleated blinds.

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Mobile Blind Cleaning & Blind Repairs Service

The mobile blind cleaning service primarily deals with cleaning aluminium venetian blinds. The tradesman will assess your blinds and give a firm quote on what is needed in regards to cleanliness & operation.
Upon accepting the quote, the tradesman with utmost care, will remove your blinds and carry out the cleaning & maintenance required in the fully equipped vehicle outside your premises.

The method followed is:

  • Checking the operation of your blinds

  • lubricating all headbox mechanisms

  • repair or replace any parts

  • cleaning blinds with recommended & approved techniques & products

Your blinds are installed to their original positions, clean & in good working order.

Pick Up & Delivery Service

The pick up and delivery service caters to blind cleaning & blind repairs in the same methods as the mobile service, the difference being that all cleaning & repairs are carried out at our factory.
The service is used to:

  • assist customers not able to remain at the premises while work is carried out.

  • clean & repair timber blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds and others that require more involved methods.

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